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Noticias Telma

On the occasion of the IAA 2018 show, Mercedes-Benz group, had displayed its "City 75" fitted as standard with Telma induction brake LVRS350.

Publicado el 21/09/2018

Come meet us and discover our products at the IAA show in Hannover, hall 11 booth F07.

Publicado el 20/09/2018

If in addition to preserving the environment, Telma induction brakes could save money…

Following measurements carried out at the city of Marseille, Telma underscoring the fact that a waste collection truck fitted with a Telma induction brake can reduce brake pad wear by up to 90% , compared to a vehicle without Telma device. This represents as many fine particles not emitted in the atmosphere.

Based on these results, we understand why Telma won the Sustainable Development Award at Solutrans show.

Publicado el 04/04/2018

Because air pollution has an impact on our health, Telma wants an awareness of the public authorities, so that they become really aware of the pollutant impact of brakes.

Discover the report.

Publicado el 19/03/2018

Trucks Mag looks back on Telma products and their benefits. For even if Telma induction brakes have been around for more than 70 years, Telma maintains a modern and evolving vision of its products.

Discover the interview.

Publicado el 07/03/2018

Because air pollution is a real public health issue, Les Routiers mentions the case of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis, which has equipped 90% of its waste collection trucks with Telma induction brakes.

Discover the conclusions.

Publicado el 01/03/2018

The interview conducted by Transport Info evokes the products offered by Telma and its many advantages: the preservation of the environment and savings.

But Telma is above all innovation, discover this article that puts into perspective the future developments of Telma induction brakes.

Publicado el 12/02/2018

One of the surprises of the Solutrans 2018 show for the L'Officiel des Transporteurs magazine, was the quality of the offer proposed by the various equipment manufacturers.

Discover the products highlighted in this 2018 edition, including the AF8 induction brake Telma.

Publicado el 31/01/2018

Because the world of transport is not static and evolves constantly, Busworld has been an opportunity for many manufacturers to present their products and innovations, in line with this evolving industry.

During its visit at the Telma booth, Motorindia was able to discover the Telma range of products exhibited at Busworld 2018.

Discover these products.

Publicado el 20/01/2018

Telma company wishes you all the best for this new year.

Publicado el 04/01/2018
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