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Ventajas de los ralentizadores Telma

¡Telma protege el medio ambiente!

El ralentizador Telma cumple la Directiva europea RoHS (2002/95/CE), que tiene por objeto restringir el uso de determinadas sustancias peligrosas en equipos eléctricos.

La ausencia completa de fricción hace que el ralentizador Telma sea completamente silencioso en todas las condiciones de uso y garantiza que no se produzca ninguna emisión de partículas ni de otros contaminantes al medio ambiente.

El ralentizador Telma no necesita mantenimiento y no requiere cambio de aceite, ni tampoco la sustitución de piezas de desgaste.

De conformidad con la Directiva europea 2004/108/CE de compatibilidad electromagnética (CEM), el ralentizador Telma no presenta ninguna incompatibilidad electromagnética con el medio ambiente.

Por último, la contribución del ralentizador Telma a la reducción del consumo de energía de los vehículos con él equipados participa de forma activa en la reducción de las emisiones de gas de efecto invernadero.

Descubra otras ventajas de Telma:

Düsseldorf - germany,
du 26/08/2017 au 03/09/2017

Telma will be represented in the Caravan Salon, in Düsseldorf, that will be held from August 26 to September 3, 2017. It´s a very good presentation at the worldwide biggest show of mobilhomes. You can find Telma at the booth of our partner Fahrzeugbau Meier.

du 05/09/2017 au 09/09/2017

Telma induction brakes will be fitted on numerous vehicles displayed during this 2017 edition.

paris - le bourget - france,
du 30/09/2017 au 08/10/2017

Telma will be attend this 52nd edition of VDL trade fair, in Paris-Le Bourget, that will be held from September 30 to October 10, 2017, through options provided by OEM for luxury motorhomes on Iveco and Mercedes-Benz chassis.

07 Jun

The European Sustainable Development Week is held every year from 30 May to 5 June. Its goals are to promote sustainable development, raise awareness of its issues and facilitate concrete mobilization, both individually and collectively. It is in this respect that the website...

06 Jun

In its June 2017 issue, the magazine Bus&Coach Buyer devotes an article to the FIAA 2017 Show, international trade fair of buses and coaches, which took place in Madrid. The article describes the most important developments that could be discovered, manufacturer by...

04 Apr

In its April 2017 issue, the magazine "BusToCoach" devotes an article to the new "Mobi City" model designed by the coachbuilder Indcar. This bus is built on an Iveco Daily 70C18 Euro6 chassis equipped with a Telma LVRS600 retarder as a factory-installed option, mounted...

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